ASG named Robotic Certified Integrator by Robotics Industry Association

Toshiba Machine partner, TM Robotics, has supported ASG, Division of Jergens in the Robotics Industry Association (RIA) assessment to become a Certified Robot Integrator. Using a Toshiba Machine TH650A SCARArobot during the RIA exam, ASG has passed the certification process and achieved certified status. This is the first time a SCARA robot has been used for the RIA certification.

The RIA Certified Robot Integrator program was established in 2012. The program was designed to set standards for the industry and identify a quality benchmark for robot integrators to meet. To achieve certification, integrators must complete an examination process which includes an on-site audit, a practical assessment including technical robot programming and safety training.

During the practical assessment of its RIA certification exam, ASG used the Toshiba Machine TH650A SCARA robot.  The TH650A is part of Toshiba Machine’s extensive SCARA selection. The TH series is a well-established range of SCARA robots and TM Robotics can provide an arm to meet almost every application requirement. The smallest model, the TH180, delivers a standard cycle time of just 0.35 seconds, whereas the largest model in the series, the TH1200A, can provide a cycle time of 0.39 seconds and carries an impressive maximum payload of 20kg.

Having initially connected with Toshiba Machine partner and distributor, TM Robotics, in September 2016, ASG chose to use Toshiba Machine’s TH650A model during the RIA certification process.

The mid-sized robot offers consistent reliable performance, repetitive accuracy and user-friendly programming. The robot boasts the highest payload in its class and is ideal for end-of-line packaging and assembly tasks. What’s more, for the first time in the industry for SCARA robots, the TH650A uses a highly rigid gear for each axis, compared to harmonic gears. The high rigidity is capable of rapid acceleration, increasing the lifespan of the machine.

“Why use a Toshiba Machine robot for RIA certification?” asked Nigel Smith, CEO of TM Robotics. “The RIA robot integrator program includes a rigorous testing examination, therefore choosing the correct robot for the test is essential. The TH650A is just one of our extensive SCARA range, but the model boasts incredibly consistency and repeatable accuracy. The inclusion of the TH650A as part of this certification process is a testament to the robot’s capabilities.

“RIA certified robot integrators have successfully completed a lengthy compliance program to ensure they are recognized for their capabilities and experience. ASG’s completion of the certification is a clear demonstration of the company’s investment in time, commitment and resources to prove its expertise in this field.”

Toshiba Machine’s full SCARA robot range can be browsed on the TM Robotics website. For more information on the company’s selection of SCARA, six-axis or Cartesian robots, contact the team directly on

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TM Robotics, is introducing the new TSAssist software; a powerful programming tool from Toshiba Machine. The software offers powerful assistance to all phases of automation, including planning, design and improvement.

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