Industrial Robots Manufacturer TM Robotics launches Polish partnership

Figures by the International Federation of Robotics state that robot sales in Poland grew by 26 per cent between 2010-2015. To cater for this market, TM Robotics has established a partnership with native automation distributor, PolRobot. The partnership will officially launch at ITM Poland, one of the country’s largest industrial trade fairs, held between 4-7 June in Poznan, Poland.

ITM Poland is an international trade fair for industrial technology and machinery. To launch its partnership with official Toshiba Machine partner, TM Robotics, PolRobot will exhibit a selection of Toshiba Machine robots from booth number 73, Hall 6. The booth is located in the Mach-Tool area, the show’s dedicated zone for machine tools and automation, where PolRobot will exhibit both six-axis and SCARA models from Toshiba Machine.

The TVL500, a low energy six-axis robot, will be demonstrated working alongside a TAD bowl feeder. As a vertically articulated model, TVL500 is the smallest of two robots in this range, offering a maximum reach of 602mm and a maximum payload of 3kg. The robot boasts high speed and accuracy, while maintaining low energy consumption due to its compact size.

Toshiba Machine’s THE400 SCARA robot will also be exhibited. This machine is best suited to assembly and inspection processes due to its accurate movement trajectory and high-speed operations. Ideal for electronic equipment and component assembly, the THE400 is capable of cycle times of just 0.39 seconds.

PolRobot’s partnership with TM Robotics will allow the company to supply its customer base with the latest robotic offerings from Toshiba Machine in Japan. Joining TM Robotics’ network of global partners, the collaboration will provide Polish manufacturers with access to the largest selection of SCARA robots on the market, in addition to Toshiba Machine’s six-axis and Cartesian models.

“Poland boasts one of the strongest growth figures for robotics across all of Europe,” explained Nigel Smith, managing director of TM Robotics. “In fact, alongside the Czech Republic, the nation has been identified as one of the biggest climbers in terms of sales of industrial robots in 2015 — and the number of new robot installations in Poland is continuing to grow rapidly.

“Partnering with a distributor in Poland is essential for us to cater to this expanding marketplace and provide Polish manufacturers with access to Toshiba Machine’s expanding range of robots. Just this year, we have seen the new launch of the THE600 SCARA model, a larger version of the TH400, which will be displayed by PolRobot at the ITM Poland exhibition.”

“Toshiba Machine provides an extensive robot range that can address an array of customer requirements” explained Piotr Grzyb, co-founder of PolRobot. “For us, the speed, accuracy and affordable price point of the Toshiba Machine selection makes TM Robotics the ideal partner for the Polish market, and we’re thrilled to be joining its global network.”

Toshiba Machine’s complete robot range can be viewed on the TM Robotics website. For more information, please contact TM Robotics directly on +44 (0)1707 290370 or Alternatively, to find your local distributor, you can find the full list of global partners here:

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