TM Robotics and Evershed help Ricoh automate its manufacturing process In an industrial context, the word automation is often, inaccurately, used to mean only industrial robotics. In fact, it refers to everything from inverter driven conveyor systems to advanced manufacturing software. But it also has a meaning outside the world of industrial engineering. Here, in […]

Could Britain afford to lose 31.2 million working days? According to The Labour Force Survey, this figure illustrates the volume of unplanned worker absence due to non-fatal workplace injuries. In fact, the number of non-fatal workplace injuries in the UK reached 609,000 in 2017 — with cuts and lacerations among the most common causes. Industry […]

SCARA Robots In 2002, TM Robotics (Europe) Ltd and one of its longest serving integrators completed a project in partnership with a major UK manufacturer.  The project saw three SCARA robots fitted as part of an automated system to increase output in pneumatic valve production. It isn’t always easy putting one’s trust in a robot.  […]

Cartesian Robots “The mastery of chemistry has to go hand in hand with the process of mechanical engineering,” Dr Bayer, inventor of polyurethane, the world’s first two component polymeric system. There are countless two-part reactive chemical systems that are essential to a vast number of manufacturing processes. These range from performance critical gluing and sealing on […]

TM Robotics, Metix and AMT partner to provide solution for high accuracy gluing TM Robotics, the European sales partner of Toshiba Machine, is involved in a project to develop a gluing system that will eliminate ‘lag’ in glue dispensing applications. Lag is the term used when a droplet of glue is accidentally deposited in the corner […]

SCARA robots TM Robotics, the UK sales partner of Toshiba Machine, and Mey und Andress, a German systems integrator, have installed three Toshiba Machine TH-350 ceiling mounted robots at a pet food factory in Bremen, northern Germany. Richard Hill, technical manager of TM Robotics explains how the robots have improved productivity.  The pet food manufacturer […]

Rachel’s Organic has added a Toshiba Machine robot to its end of line packaging system Rachel’s Organic has continued its automation development programme with the installation of a Toshiba Machine robot in its Aberystwyth headquarters. As one of Britain’s leading organic dairy companies, the firm has witnessed rapid and massive growth in the organic dairy […]

SCARA Robots TM Robotics and Danish integrator BILA have installed two Toshiba Machine SR-854HSP SCARAs on a new shrimp processing line in Northern Denmark. The SCARAs save space, reduce operating costs and represent a flexible solution that could be re-deployed elsewhere in the plant if required. Previously, the process was completed manually. Three types of flavoured […]

Industrial Robots ~ Installing Toshiba Machine’s SR-554 HSP provided payback in just six months~ The UK is in the midst of the biggest manufacturing slump in twenty years. As a result, more and more companies are turning to robotics to reduce operating costs. One such company is cable management specialist, C&C Marshall Ltd. The company has installed two […]

SCARA robot Toshiba Machine’s TH350 SCARA robot was the logical choice when a manufacturer of miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) needed to replace an existing pneumatic pick and place machine. After changes to the manufacturing process, the existing equipment was not able to perform the required task in the necessary cycle time. With the help of […]

SCARA robots The force exerted if 170.45 handguns were fired simultaneously at a single spot is applied to test the strength of pipes made by South Korean steel company POSCO Steel. TM Robotics teamed up with impact testing specialist Imatek Limited to deliver a robot system to handle the task safely. Nigel Smith, managing director […]

SCARA Robots Copan uses two Toshiba Machine SCARA robots in its Walk Away Specimen Processor (WASP ® ) Many clinical laboratories are experiencing growing shortages of trained microbiology technologists while at the same seeing increasing workloads. Consequently, there is considerable interest in new automation that could potentially lessen labour demands for specimen processing. As a […]

Toshiba Machine high speed, high accuracy SCARA robots Ten-tola gold bars – they’re small, they’re incredibly pure, they’re the backbone of trading and investment with the Middle and Far East and Toshiba Machine robots make them.  The gold bars made by Johnson Matthey plc, one of the world’s leading specialists in precious metals and advanced materials […]

Industrial Robots TM Robotics, the European robotics partner of Toshiba Machine, is actively expanding its operations in the Middle East and Africa and is searching for systems integrator partners from the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa . At present, the company handles the majority of its Middle Eastern business directly, but would like to introduce a […]

SCARA robots The latest project from the partnership of TM Robotics, Toshiba Machine and systems integrator Evershed Robotics has demonstrated the speed and accuracy that can be gained by using robotics in the metal fabrication process. The three companies have developed a system that machines lockable fasteners for car panels.  It comprises four twin drill […]

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