Toshiba Machine low energy industrial robots are real game changers

TM Robotics (Europe) Ltd and TOSHIBA MACHINE are constantly striving to produce the most adaptable and cost-effective solution for all industrial robotics requirements. The TVL Range of low-cost, low energy six-axis robots and the THL range of cost-effective SCARA robots are the newest additions to the TOSHIBA MACHINE Robot range, and these robots are fast becoming their champion products.


The TVL Range of Low-cost, low-energy vertically articulated Six-Axis Robots that really pack a punch

This light weight, compact vertically articulated Six-Axis Robot comprising of the TVL500 and TVL700 offers high performance and productivity on all assembly and pick-and-place applications, yet because of its compact size, it also saves on space delivering all of the functionality that you would insist on from a Six-Axis Robot, but with a fraction of the expected foot-print within your production line.

The TVL500 and TVL700 Six-Axis Robots with a reach of 600mm – 700mm and a payload of 3-4kg really pack a punch as they deliver a high speed, highly accurate, energy saving performance at a low cost.


Special Features

The TVL range is also jam packed with special features such as tool fixture tap holes at four locations on the arms upper and lower positions for fixing external cabling and peripheral devices. The first arm is equipped with a T-groove as standard, which can be used to place tools, cabling and DIN rails in position. The TVL500 and TVL700 also accommodate alternative installations via tap holes on the side of the base unit allowing for the robot to be installed sideways.


User-Friendly programming

Programming couldn’t be simpler with our TSPC6ax software package, armed with multi-functional monitoring and support functions, monitoring active program display, position display, 3D motion status monitoring and alarm history display. The software also houses a powerful simulation function allowing the user to create an off-line robot program simulation without stopping the production line.


Compact Controller

The new TVL range of Six-Axis Robots form a perfect partnership with the TSL3100E controller, specifically designed for use with the vertical articulated robot.

The new TSL3100E controller is both lightweight and space saving in comparison to the TS series. Ethernet is equipped as standard, and expansions of I/O and various networks are supported. Programs can be easily backed up to USB.

The TVL series hit it big this year when it was named the Special Committee Award winner at the 45th Machine Design Awards in Japan. TVL’s function, operation, and design, which culminated in the addition of the TVL700, placed it ahead of its many contenders.


The THL Range of cost-effective SCARA Robots

The remarkable Toshiba Machine THL range of cost-effective SCARA robots has been expanded considerably with the addition of the THL800, THL900 and THL1000 models. The new robots, with arm lengths of 800mm, 900mm and 1000mm respectively, are available to order from TM Robotics.

First machines in the THL range were launched in Europe at the Automatica exhibition in Munich with the Toshiba Machine THL300, THL400, THL500, THL600 and THL700 causing a stir.

The Toshiba Machine THL models satisfy the growing demand for affordable, flexible automation in applications outside of traditional industries such as packaging, materials handling and welding where for decades robots have been deployed.

The aim was to achieve low mass and low inertia with the necessary rigidity from which high accuracy is attained. Reduction in mass is thanks to the use of lightweight cast aluminium mechanical components that have a series of ribbed sections to provide rigidity. As a result, smaller servo motors have been fitted. Moreover, because the lightweight system generates substantially less inertia a simplified gearbox has been used. The net result is that these robots are the most energy efficient in their class.

The THL range is up to 50% lighter than other Toshiba Machine models and the robots consume 50% less electricity. Performance compares favourably with other models and the new robots feature easier maintenance than previously.

The new machines each have four axes of movement including ±360° rotational, with a working envelope of ±125° on the first axis and ±145° on axis two. Maximum composite speed using axes one and two is an impressive 4.3m/s for the THL 800, 4.6m/s for the THL 900 and just 5.0m/s for the largest THL1000. Cycle time, with a 2kg payload, is 0.47s for the THL 800 and THL1000 is just one hundredth of a second slower at 0.48s.  Maximum payload is a weighty 10kg for all three models, yet their mass is just 32kg, 34kg and 36kg respectively.. The allowable moment of inertia is just 0.2kg/m2 and thanks to the use of absolute encoders repeatability in X-Y is a mere 0.01mm.

This highly versatile and cost-effective Robotics solutions accompanied by some of the most user-friendly software packages and controller may well make the revolutionary TVL Range the answer to your automation needs for 2016 and beyond.



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