The IREX show in Japan, which takes place every other year, is the biggest robotics event in the world, providing those of us in the industry with an in-depth look at what’s new, what’s interesting, and what’s truly innovative in the field of robotics. Each year we look forward to taking it all in so we can tell you, our customers, about the great things Toshiba Machine has in store for you.

2015 was an exciting year for Toshiba Machine as the company debuted several new robots – such as those within the cost-effective TVL and THL lines – as well as software designed to make using the robots even simpler, while maintaining a competitive edge. At the IREX Toshiba Machine booth, we got a sneak peek into what’s to come in 2016.

Below are the company’s top three products from the show:


Toshiba Machine’s new System Configuration software, TSAssist, was on prominent display at IREX. Designed to support customers in their simulation and robot program creation projects, TSAssist enables users to see how a particular robotic formation will function, and what the resulting benefits will be, all from their computers. This saves the added time – and cost – that would otherwise be required to move different robot configurations around in order to get the best results. The new TSAssist will be available in February of 2016.



One of the most interesting items in the Toshiba Machine booth this year – and certainly the best looking – was the new Swan robot. Designed for the automotive painting and coating industry, the company’s newest robot features explosion-proof coating capabilities within a syringe pump, one-cup system. With revolving spindles, this robot saves on both the time it takes to paint automotive parts and the amount of paint required. One of the most innovative products on the market today, the Swan also has several truly elegant features, as you can see from the picture. It’s currently being sold exclusively in Japan, but we will keep our customers updated on when it becomes available outside Asia.



Toshiba Machine also launched its robot image recognition software, TSVision3D, at this year’s IREX. The product enables multiple-type work pieces to be recognized and sorted to improve work piece detection speed and accuracy. TSVision3D promises significant efficiency improvements for companies in pharmaceutical, plastics, and food packaging, where robots can be programmed to differentiate between products. No more mix ups between apples and lemons. The new TSVision3D will be available in the spring of 2016.

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