TM Robotics and TOSHIBA MACHINE have a golden rule in their approach to delivering the very best in industrial robotics solutions. They never stop innovating. So how do they make an already cost effective, low energy and highly versatile series of robots even better? They make them space saving by hanging them from the ceiling!

The THL SCARA and TVL 6-axis ranges, both of which are part of the company’s low-cost, high efficiency line have taken an upturn. TOSHIBA MACHINE has added ceiling mounting capabilities, giving companies with limited space the option of adding robots even if they need to mount them over conveyors. The ceiling mount feature improves cycle times and supports quicker throughput, with increased productivity.

The THL SCARA range continues to attract attention thanks to its high speeds, low costs, easy programming and energy saving features. Since its launch, the range has expanded in capacities and has slotted in perfectly across a broad range of applications because of its ease of integration.

The TVL range of compact vertically articulated Six-Axis Robots offer high performance and productivity on all assembly and pick-and-place applications, yet because of its compact size, it also saves on space delivering all of the functionality that you would insist on from a Six-Axis Robot, but with a fraction of the expected foot-print within your production line. So regardless of what space you have, TM Robotics and TOSHIBA MACHINE have the perfect solution for your business.

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