America has long been a forerunner in other revolutions — industrial, technological and digital. But, is the United States prepared for the robotic revolution? As other countries embark on initiatives to encourage the adoption of automated technologies, Ryan Gutherie, executive vice president of six-axis and SCARA robot supplier TM Robotics, investigates America’s relationship with robots. […]

Humans shed and re-grow outer skin cells every 27 days, equating to around 1,000 new skins in an average human’s lifetime. Even in a clean room environment, a worker will shed 600,000 particles of skin per hour. With this flakiness in mind, Nigel Smith, managing director of Toshiba Machine partner, TM Robotics, explains how clean room […]

How robotics and automation are paving the way for the future According to a 2017 market research report by Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies entitled Trends in Food Processing Operations, half of the companies surveyed will be increasing their level of automation over the next three to five years. Despite this, many manufacturers admit they […]

One of the biggest challenges for robotics manufacturers is the perception that the technology is here to take the jobs of humans — but that is simply not the case. Unfortunately, the notion that automation poses a threat to jobs often overshadows the potential benefits of investing in the technology. Here, TM Robotics founder and CEO, Nigel […]

The future of vision systems in manufacturing With four times as many as color receptors as humans, the Mantis shrimp has the most impressive eyes in nature.  Manufacturers have long relied on human vision for complex picking and assembly processes, but 3D vision systems are beginning to replicate the capability of human vision in robotics. […]

Robots will set us free Tom Watson, deputy leader of the Labour party, will soon launch the final report of the Future of Work Commission, which has concluded that we should not fear the “march of the robots”. The report is a welcome change the typical narrative that has painted the rise of automation as […]

With over 300 exhibitors spread across two halls, the International Robot Exhibition (IREX) is the largest robot trade show in the world. Held at the Tokyo Big Sight in Japan, the biennial event welcomes robot manufacturers from around the globe to introduce the latest robotic technology. Here, Nigel Smith, managing director at Toshiba Machine partner, TM […]

Wire and Cable The UK government has invested £16 million in 5G network development. Here, Dervish Ibrahim, international sales manager at wire payoff machine supplier, TM Robotics, explains how the success of this, and investments in high speed broadband and smart city connectivity, are very much dependant on the quality of manufacturing processes for high speed […]

Common misconceptions about smart manufacturing Machinery automation could be compared to the human body. Our eyes are the sensors that monitor operations. Our hands are the actuation to manoeuvre things around us. Finally, our brains are the process control, providing intelligence and managing processes. Traditionally, machines in industrial environments could only provide actuation, but not […]

Before you buy a cobot… The global collaborative robot (cobot) market is projected to grow from $175.500 million in 2016, to $3,811.483 million by 2021. Here, Nigel Smith, CEO of TM Robotics, explains why manufacturers really need to understand the facts before they jump on the cobot bandwagon, as this investment may not be as low-risk […]

Toshiba Machine low energy industrial robots are real game changers TM Robotics (Europe) Ltd and TOSHIBA MACHINE are constantly striving to produce the most adaptable and cost-effective solution for all industrial robotics requirements. The TVL Range of low-cost, low energy six-axis robots and the THL range of cost-effective SCARA robots are the newest additions to […]

TM Robotics and TOSHIBA MACHINE have a golden rule in their approach to delivering the very best in industrial robotics solutions. They never stop innovating. So how do they make an already cost effective, low energy and highly versatile series of robots even better? They make them space saving by hanging them from the ceiling! […]

U.S. profitability A few years back, offshore manufacturing seemed to initiate a boon akin to what was seen during World War II. Companies took their manufacturing elsewhere where cheap labor and high-speed, inexpensive production equipment drove prices down and profits up. As the ensuing debates here in the Unites States have borne out, profitability wasn’t […]

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