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HERTFORDSHIRE, UK – APRIL 19, 2016. Today TM Robotics announced it has partnered with Cornerstone Automation Systems, LLC (CASI) to sell an intelligent box-opening device (IBOD) that combines the reliability of TM Robotics’ Toshiba Machine robots with the ingenuity of CASI’s intelligent box-opening software. Current box-opening options available on the market have limitations. Line workers run the risk of severe hand […]

TM Robotics and TOSHIBA MACHINE have a golden rule in their approach to delivering the very best in industrial robotics solutions. They never stop innovating. So how do they make an already cost effective, low energy and highly versatile series of robots even better? They make them space saving by hanging them from the ceiling! […]

Demo shows off Toshiba Machine’s cost-effective TVL500 6-axis and THL300 SCARA solutions TORONTO, ON – SEPTEMBER 28, 2015 – TM Robotics, partnered with Toshiba Machine, will demo Toshiba Machine’s new TVL500 6-axis and the THL300 SCARA robots at this year’s Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show (CMTS) from September 28 through October 1. Both robot series are part of Toshiba Machine’s new […]

TM Robotics Displays Four Toshiba Machine Robots at United Kingdom’s Premier Processing and Packaging Exhibition, PPMA Show demos unique robot uses from several manufacturers, including Toshiba Machine’s single  Cartesian linear actuator, TV800, THP550, and TH450A BIRMINGHAM, UK – SEPTEMBER 29, 2015 – TM Robotics, partnered with Toshiba Machine, is displaying four of Toshiba Machine’s robots at […]

U.S. profitability A few years back, offshore manufacturing seemed to initiate a boon akin to what was seen during World War II. Companies took their manufacturing elsewhere where cheap labor and high-speed, inexpensive production equipment drove prices down and profits up. As the ensuing debates here in the Unites States have borne out, profitability wasn’t […]

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